II-VI Incorporated is a global leader in engineered materials, optoelectronic components and optical systems offering vertically integrated solutions for applications in materials processing, communications, aerospace & defense, life sciences, semiconductor capital equipment, automotive and consumer electronics.

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Materials Processing

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Semiconductor Capital Equipment

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Life Sciences

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Consumer Electronics

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Aerospace & Defense

Optoelectronic Components

Our optoelectronic components enable a broad range of applications including in high power lasers for materials processing, optical amplifiers for terrestrial and submarine communications, high bit rate transceivers for datacenters, analytical instruments for life sciences, LiDAR for automotive and 3D sensing for consumer electronics.

Optical Systems

We leverage the unique properties of our engineered materials to produce differentiated optics shaped by precision surfacing techniques and assembled into miniature- to large-scale precision optical systems with thermal management. Our optical coatings provide the desired spectral characteristics and enhance durability to high energy lasers and harsh environments. We leverage these capabilities to deliver optical systems integrated with electronics and software.

Engineered Materials

Our engineered materials enable a broad range of existing and emerging applications in materials processing, communications, aerospace & defense, semiconductor equipment, life sciences, automotive and consumer electronics.

We refine rare metals. We grow and fabricate a broad portfolio of crystals, ceramics and metal matrix composites that are differentiated by one or a combination of unique optical, electrical, magnetic, thermal and mechanical properties.

Our compound semiconductor materials include SiC substrates, as well as InP- and GaAs-based epitaxial wafers. These products enable RF, power and optoelectronic devices such as for 5G wireless, electric vehicles and datacenter transceivers.

II-VI Incorporated Unveils VCSEL Flood Illuminator Modules for Driver and Occupancy Monitoring Systems in Vehicles

February 25, 2021
II‐VI Incorporated (Nasdaq: IIVI), a leading provider of semiconductor lasers and micro-optics for consumer electronics, today announced its vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) flood illuminator modules for driver and occupancy monitoring systems in vehicles. U.S. and European transportation safety regulators are increasingly recommending or requiring driver and occupancy monitoring systems in vehicles, spurring the demand for next-generation 2D and 3D infrared cameras designed with higher-performance infrared illuminators. II-VI’s new VCSEL flood illuminator modules emit higher optical power and with...
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