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High-speed optical and wireless networks together with large datacenters enable the growth of cloud computing and the accelerating global demand for bandwidth.

?A growing number of industrial laser technologies for macro- and micro-materials processing? deliver the next-generation of lighter weight and energy-efficient products.

Advanced equipment designs for semiconductor wafer processing in the front, middle and back end of line, improve process precision and cost of ownership.

?Optical sensors in consumer electronics are growing in sophistication, improving human-machine interaction, virtual and augmented reality, and biometric identification.

Emerging wide bandgap power electronics improve the energy efficiency of electric vehicles. New compact, low-cost LiDAR solutions enable advanced driver assistance systems.

A growing array of optical and laser-based analytical techniques that are increasing in accuracy and speed for existing and emerging biomedical applications.

Mission critical optical and laser-based systems mounted on air, land and sea vehicles for search, detection, tracking, targeting, communications and navigation.

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